The focus is in achieving universal beauty with perfectly sculpted brows and flawless skin. The goal is to surpass all expectations of definition and symmetry. 

In 2006 -- armed with an esthetician license from Paul Mitchell, 7 years of experience as a makeup artist -- Lisa looked to redefine what people thought of when someone mentions the word "permanent makeup." Images of sharpie markers with strange looking colors and ultra thin brows that did not resemble natural brows at all was what came to mind. 

I thought there has got to be something in-between! Ever since I started doing makeup I knew that the basics of ultimate beauty was flawless skin and symmetrical brows.
— Lisa Le

This is part one of browtheory. A true art of creating symmetry that was once so unachievable. Part 2 is a technique that Lisa trademarked as Micro-airbrush: a form of micro pigmentation that has the flexibility to create a soft powdered brow or a defined sharp eyeliner that won't wash off! It was customizable to the clients needs of duration and commitment and could last as long as the client wanted (between 1-3 years).