Micro-Airbrush Brows

What can be achieved?

For many the term "permanent makeup” instantly conjures up images of harsh lines and discolored cosmetics. These dated techniques are more often than not indelibly tattooed into the skin like a permanent marker, only to change color and look increasingly unnatural as the skin ages. However, modern techniques can create a look far from this unflattering image that originated over three decades ago.

Using advanced pigments and application techniques, today's permanent makeup can achieve fine subtle strokes of color. Intricately layered to create such incredibly natural results indistinguishable from traditional makeup. This “micro-airbrush” technique, pioneered by Brow Theory creator Lisa Le, creates the illusion of powdered in, fully defined brows even if little to no natural hair is present. To prevent unwanted color shift, the pigments and application used at Brow Theory are designed to be semi-permanent. This allows for the most natural look while enabling slight modifications in color density and/or shape to be done during annual touch-ups.


The Procedure

Your experience at Brow Theory starts with a consultation in which shape and color analysis are performed to determine the most optimal brow design. Once you and your artist are satisfied with the analysis, you will move into a private treatment room. A special formulated pigment will then be custom mixed to achieve the perfect color, shade, and density. Numbing solution will be applied to the skin before the application starts. Using the micro-airbrush technique, hundreds of tiny micro pigmentation layers are applied and seamlessly blended to create depth and contrast.

For the first few days the results generally appears darker, bolder and more defined. Special after care instructions will be given and a touch-up visit will be scheduled for 6 weeks later. The end result is a soft, defined, and natural looking brow that is custom tailored to each individual client’s unique facial features. 

Experience the ultimate brow