Lisa Le
Master Artist

With 15 years of experience as a makeup artist and over a decade of experience in semi permanent makeup -- Armed with her artful eye and imagination, she is able to create the ultimate brow for each individual face. Symmetry and perfection is her specialty. Lisa created Browtheory Studio to help women experience the power of eyebrows everyday. To enhance and achieve universal beauty with perfectly sculpted brows. If you ever need her shell be running around in-between clients or sipping on her 3rd cup of coffee.


Betty Le
Associate Artist

Betty is best known for her passion for finding the perfect eyebrows for each individual. She understands the importance of details, and armed with the vision that is required to help women achieve the eyebrows they’ve always wanted.  In 2017 she became a student of Lisa Le, has dedicated countless hours of observation and working under the supervision and leadership of Browtheory Studio.  Passionate, dedicated and determined, Betty is ready to help women feel more confident, stress free and of course beautiful with their everyday morning routine.